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The delivery charges are estimated per country, and the rate will be updated based on current international shipping cost

Depend on the choice of delivery, but in most cases it will depend on the region, where it takes 2-5 working days in gulf region, but it might go up to 14 working days for some countries and during occasions

After your order is submitted and confirmed, our team will pack your package with love and send it through the desire shipping method to the inserted address, while our employees will dance happily thanking you for keeping their jobs safe, and a selected charity will get part of your purchase to help their cause.

Yes, it will be sent to the email entered in the purchase or account information

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The item you are interested in, which will help us in designing similar items in the next collection

OMG!!! massage us ASAP wa.me/97332250011

Before the payment? sure, just go ahead. but after the payment, you have to contact us to see if you are applicable

Currently you can track it manually through our  wa.me/97332250011